The University of Hradec Králové, the Czech Technical University in Prague and the EUNIS-CZ Association would like to invite you to the 21st annual conference with international participation eLearning 2021 and the 20th year of the eLearning 2021 Competition.

Both events will be held this time at the Czech Technical University in Prague, in parallel with the 30th EAEEIE Conference.

We will be very pleased to meet the participants of the previous years at the conference and competition and hope that both events will reach the widest possible range of eLearning experts. We believe that we will again be able to create an inspiring and friendly atmosphere.

The conference and competition languages are Czech, Slovak and English.


  • eLearning and mobile technologies
  • eLearning and social networks
  • eLearning in adult education
  • Innovation of study programs using eLearning
  • eLearning methodology
  • Modern trends in eLearning – virtual and augmented reality, multimedia, etc.
  • Educational and psychological aspects of eLearning
  • Case studies and projects
  • SMART eLearning
  • Scientific research and language teaching
  • Virtual and remote laboratories
  • Games and simulations for eLearning
  • Development of innovative eLearning materials
  • The European dimension of eLearning
  • MOOC (extensive open online courses)
  • eLearning and artificial intelligence

Competition categories

  • Comprehensive online courses
  • Educational multimedia objects
  • Use of social networks to support education
  • New trends in eLearning

eLearning 2021 Program Committee and Jury of the Competition

  • Jan Hán (VŠH v Praze)
  • Jaromír Hrad (ČVUT v Praze)
  • Blanka Klímová (UHK)
  • Jaroslava Mikulecká (UHK)
  • Petra Poulová (UHK)
  • Lucie Rohlíková (ZČU)
  • Gabriel Švejda (FAMO v Písku)
  • Darina Tothova (SPU v Nitře)
  • Milan Turčáni (UKF v Nitře)
  • Tomáš Zeman (ČVUT v Praze)

Organizing Committee of the conference and eLearning competition

  • Jaromír Hrad (ČVUT v Praze)
  • Tomáš Zeman (ČVUT v Praze)
  • Petra Poulová (UHK)
  • Helena Holubičková (UHK)
  • Zuzana Dostálová (UHK)


Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Telecommunication Engineering
Technická 2, Praha-Dejvice, CZ-16627, Czech Republic
phone/TAD: +420 224 352 083